Master's degree in Language and Digital Communication

Degree Basics


Master's programme in Language and Digital Communication

ECTS credits

60 CTS

ECTS credit price

27.67 €/credit

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Learning model


Language of instruction

Choice between 2 or 3 languages (English/Spanish/Catalan)

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Glòria Vázquez

The degree in figures
The degree in figures
The degree in figures
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Complaints and suggestions
Complaints and suggestions
Quality System
Quality System
Quality System

Why should you be interested in this Master's Degree?

7 reasons:

1- Because it focuses on very leading-edge subjects, and you will have many work opportunities.

2- Because it is a unique and different offer in the higher education landscape.

3- Because it is a new degree and you will be among the first to graduate from it. You are at the right place in the right moment.

4- Because we have designed the master’s with total dedication and enthusiasm. Our instructors are well prepared and highly motivated to accompany you in your learning path.

5- Because it is online and you can follow it at your own pace, without schedules, with flexibility, making your personal life compatible with your studies.

6- Because it is an official master's degree, endorsed by the Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya (AQU) and the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA), which ensure rigor and compliance with standards required by the European university system.

7- Because student fees are state-subsidized.


It is an excellent opportunity to combine an interest in

languages, communication and digital environments.

Who is this Master's Degree aimed at?

The master's degree is aimed at students who have an interest in languagescommunication, and digital environments. 

Specifically, this master's degree is aimed at students who wish to develop expertise in the creation and management of content adapted to new digital genres and formats, such as social networks, podcasts, websites or blogs, and, who, at the same time, want to: 

  • Strengthen their communicative skills to an expert level in two or three languages (English, Spanish, and/or Catalan).  
  • Use inclusive communication by integrating different social profiles into the discourse (considering gender, as well as identity and culture, among others).  
  • And develop expertise in current tools and techniques for handling multimodal content (audio, image...). 

Career opportunities

If you pursue this Master's Degree, you will be able to perform professional tasks in the digital communication sector: 

  • News media 
  • Advertising agencies or companies providing services to other businesses 
  • Consultancies 
  • Organizations.

Specifically, it will enable you to work in areas such as: 

  • Design and creation of multilingual web content 
  • Management and production of efficient communication on social media profiles 
  • Development of digital communication projects 
  • Improvement of corporate image and communication. 

According to your background, you will have more personalized benefits: 

  • If you already work in the communication sector or have studied a degree in this field, obtaining this master's degree will provide you with specialization in a profile that is in high demand in the job market and will allow you to advance in your career. Additionally, you will finish the Master's with expertise in different languages, making you highly sought after. 
  • If you come from a language background, obtaining specialization in the communication field will significantly expand your professional options while strengthening your language skills. 
  • If you belong to the engineering field, you will gain expertise in producing written and oral texts specific to the digital communication field and in various languages. This will allow you to broaden your services as a professional, whether you work independently or for others. 

How can you to ensure you have a spot?

Spots are limited (20 people). 

To ensure your entry into the Master's program, you must first pre-enroll. 

And you can complete the entire procedure online: 


(can only be done via web) 

Once you are on this page, you must choose: 




  • FIRST PERIOD: from March 1st to JUNE 23rd, 2024  
  • SECOND PERIOD: from July 24th to SEPTEMBER 8th, 2024  

Required documentation:  

In this link, you can find all the information regarding the access routes to the Master's program and the documentation required to formalize the pre-enrollment. 

You need to send the documentation to the Secretary of the center. You can do this in 3 ways: 

  • Electronically [check this link] (preferred option).  
  • In person.  
  • By postal mail.

Universitat de Lleida, Secretary of the Faculty of Arts

Plaça de Víctor Siurana, 1

25003 Lleida

Ground floor, offices 0.32 / 0.33

Public service hours: from 10:00 to 13:00 


At the time of pre-enrollment, you must pay the amount established by the price decree (currently: €30.21 - non-refundable).  


Once the application with the documentation has been received by the Secretary of the center and the indicated amount has been paid, the pre-enrollment will be considered effective, and the process to evaluate the received documentation will begin. The applicant will be contacted if necessary. 

The resolution with the correctly pre-enrolled individuals will be published: 

  • 1st period: July 8th  
  • 2nd period: September 17th 



Once you have checked the resolution and confirmed that the pre-enrollment process has been correctly completed and that no documentation is missing, you must enroll in the Master's program to ensure you have a spot. 

You can also do this: 

Universitat de Lleida, Secretary of the Faculty of Arts

Plaça de Víctor Siurana, 1

25003 Lleida

Ground floor, offices 0.32 / 0.33

Public service hours: from 10:00 to 13:00 


The calendar is as follows: 

  • If you pre-enrolled in the 1st period: July 18th - 19th  
  • If you pre-enrolled in the 2nd period: September 23rd - 24th.  

More information about the selection process can be found here. 

More information about the Master's Degree

If you want to have an on line interview with the coordinator to obtain personalized advice, you can make an appointment by writing to: 

You can see this video about the Master's Degree.

imatge dipticYou can download the LEAFLET of the Master's Degree in Language and Digital Communication (Catalan version) here.